Jeeto X 16 vs Ace HT

Even though the Ace had been around for quite a while, the models get refreshed at regular intervals, thanks to India’s biggest R&D in Tata Motors which is alive and kicking. Competitor Mahindra has launched the Jeeto in 6 variants with an 11 HP variant S-11 targeting the Ace Zip and the higher level model with 16 HP power having its sights set on the Ace. Now the quintessential question is, should the market leader, the Ace HT be worried? Well! The answer is a Yes and a No with a bigger stress on the No as we feel the vehicles are built for different purposes.

We at overloadindia have an obsession for the overload and abuse capabilities of vehicles and hence our evaluations and comparisons always look at those minor points which specifies if a vehicle is made for that or not.

Engine and Performance
The Ace HT is a twin cylinder offering with a 700 cc IDI engine which pumps out 16 BHP of power and 3.8 Kg M of torque. The Mahindra Jeeto manages the same power output from a single cylinder 625 cc water cooled engine. The Jeeto has a rated fuel efficiency of 37 kmpl which we believe is for the smallest S-11 model with lower weights and 11 HP on tap. The fuel efficiency of the higher weighing models, the L -16 and X -16 were not available separately.
The Ace has an ARAI certified fuel efficiency of 21.9 kmpl. The lower Fuel efficiency, we believe is due to the fact that the Ace has an Indirect Injection Engine whereas the Mahindra has a more efficient Direct Injection engine. Also the fact that the Mahindra has a cylinder less also contributes to its better efficiency.

Jeeto is available in payloads of 600 Kg and 700 kgs. The 11 HP models, S-11, L -11 and X-11 are rated to carry 600 Kgs whereas the S-16, L-16 and X-16 are rated to carry 700 Kgs. The Ace HT has a rated payload of 750 Kgs which is close to the 700 Kgs offered by Jeeto in 3 variants.

The load body sizes of the various options of the Jeeto and Ace HT are as follows.

Jeeto S
Jeeto L
Jeeto X
Tata Ace HT
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Jeeto variants are smaller in terms of the load body dimensions compared to Ace HT


We have compared the X-16 variant of the Jeeto with the Ace HT

The Jeeto X-16 vs Ace HT is a battle of unequal warriors, the 16 HP and 38 NM is where the similarity ends between the two. The Ace HT is a purpose built overload and abuse friendly design whereas the Jeeto X-16 has underpinnings similar to the Ace Zip with added kerb weight.
The Ace HT has leaf springs in front and rear which gets our vote. Also the Ace HT has a rigid front axle which is a necessity for overload and abuse friendly designs. The vehicle also has a twin cylinder engine offering a smoother power delivery compared to a single cylinder unit. Also the Load body being longer helps accommodate more cargo.

Ace HT is known to survive terrible abuse in the Indian terrain and is made for a different course altogether compared to a coil sprung loaded Jeeto. Coming to gradeability, the Ace with a higher rated load has a gradeability of 22% and the Jeeto has 20%. The engines in both the vehicles are simple mechanical units and are equally friendly to the roadside mechanic.

At about 3.65 lacs, the Ace HT is about 70,000 Rs more than the Jeeto X -16 which retails for approx 2.95 lacs. This difference will be further negated if one manages to get a good discount at the nearest Tata dealership. Even with the 70 K difference, we feel that the HT is cheaper per kg of material transported as the HT can carry 1.3 to 1.5 times of what the S-16 carries and is still good value for money.

If your application is not pre-defined or captive, slightly abusive and loading is beyond the rated capacity, the Ace HT is the better choice. If you need to transport fridges and washing machines faster on city roads, you may consider the Jeeto.