Mahindra Jeeto vs Ace Zip

The Mahindra Jeeto is one of the most recent successes in the Indian small CV market and falls in a territory somewhere in between the Tata Ace Zip and the Tata Ace HT. This success is due to various factors. Firstly, at 37 kmpl, it is the most fuel efficient diesel 4 wheeler in India, period. Yes! It is more fuel efficient than the two cylinder diesel Celerio or even the half hybrid Ciaz diesel.

The Jeeto is available in 6 models with two powertrain options and three load-body sizes together spawning 6 combinations.The base variant of the Jeeto is the S-11 with 11 BHP while the range topping Jeeto is the X – 16 with a larger load body and 16 BHP power.It will be unfair to compare the bigger X-16 variant with the Zip and hence we will be limiting the comparison to the Jeeto S-11 vs the Ace Zip

The base variant or the S series compares well with the Tata Ace Zip with the Mahindra baby sporting a water cooled 625 cc engine pumping out 11 BHP and 38 NM of torque. The Tata baby has a Greaves 611 cc single cylinder motor which pumps out 11 BHP and 30.8 NM of torque. The Jeeto has a slight advantage here.

Coming to the mechanicals, the Jeeto rides on a semi hydroformed Chassis which improves the strength while optimizing weight at the same time. The Ace Zip has U section long members with welded hat sections on top. While this may be strong, it is not as optimized and simple as a hydroformed unit as the chassis involves more welded parts in the Zip.

Both vehicles run similar suspension set ups with Mc-pherson struts in the front and coils springs in the rear. Now do not frown at the absence of leaf springs in a dedicated load carrier, the springs do their job just about well with slight overloads. It may be noted that both these vehicles have the same rated payloads at 600 kgs. They say, Imitation is the best form of flattery, the engineers at Tata, pls stand up and take a bow for experimenting with coil springs in an Indian load carrier and pulling it off successfully. The Jeeto seems to have got seriously inspired by the suspension set up of the Ace Zip with a very identical set up in the front and the rear.

That said, both these vehicles, according to us are not good for serious overloading. The coil springs get compressed fully, a little beyond the rated load and causes imbalance in the vehicle. Many a times the bump stopper works full time than occasionally. The rear located engine and the weight distribution also does not help matters much which leads to a loss of traction at the front wheels in case of lengthier cargo which projects out.

The similarity of the Jeeto with the Ace Zip is limited to the Suspension and engine ratings and Mahindra actually has bettered the Zip in many ways most notable of which is the fuel efficiency. The hydroformed chassis is a better chassis option than the Zip while the short nose in the front gives a more secure feeling to the driver compared to the Ace Zip.

The load body sizes of the various options of the Jeeto and Ace Zip are as follows.

Jeeto S
Jeeto L
Jeeto X
Ace Zip
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Jeeto clearly gives more options to the discerning buyer.

Regarding powertrain options, the Jeeto has the same 625 cc single cylinder diesel engine in all 6 variants with two rates of power. The S, L and X series has an 11 Hp and 16 Hp option with the torque remaining same at 38 NM. Interestingly the bigger twin cylinder Ace HT has the same 38 NM torque rating as the Jeeto as well as 16 Hp power which again compares well with three variants of the Jeeto. The Jeeto in the base variant has its eyes on the Zip, while the top of the line X-16 has its sights set on the bigger and more expensive Ace.


We are holding our opinion with respect to the L -11 and L -16 as these fall into a unique niche with no direct competition.

Regarding the Jeeto S-11 vs the Zip, Price plays a very important role in this segment and it is here that the Jeeto shines through. At 2.58 lacs, the Jeeto is a very credible alternative to the Zip which costs almost the same. The Jeeto has a semi hydroformed chassis, Nose in the front and a fuel efficiency which is about 30 % more than the Ace Zip.

Add to this the fact that the Jeeto comes fitted with a Mahindra designed all new engine whereas the Zip comes fitted with a Greaves unit. Between the two engine makers, Greaves and Mahindra, our vote goes to Mahindra with an R&D which is 10 times the size of what Greaves has in India.
With a similar suspension set up, the overloading capabilities of both vehicles are expected to be the same. Zip is known to carry a ton of load without much issue and we expect the Jeeto to be similar.

Jeeto emerges a clear winner in the Jeeto S-11 vs Zip battle.